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Using FuncUnit with Sauce Labs

I wrote an article on how to use FuncUnit with the cloud-based Selenium service Sauce Labs:
Posted by Martin Owen about 4 years ago

xUnit XML log output plugin for FuncUnit

This plugin writes the FuncUnit test results into a xUnit compatible file, so that it can be easily integrated with the Jenkins CI server. Also, the command-line output is more similar to PHPUnit / Testdox.
Posted by Michael Mayer about 4 years ago

SportsCentral.com uses JMVC

SportsCentral.com is a college sports video website that leverages JavascriptMVC with a Java-backend and a flash video player. Check it out, pretty cool.
Posted by Austin McDaniel about 4 years ago

Hiring JavaScriptMVC Developers

The following is a list of companies that need JavaScriptMVC developers. If you add your company, please link to a page describing the job, and contact information.
Posted by JavaScriptMVC about 4 years ago

Articles and Posts on How To Organize JMVC Apps

There is a lot of great information on the JavaScriptMVC forum. I have taken some time to go through most of the posts in an attempt to pull out and organize some of the more useful ones.
Posted by Mike Malamud about 4 years ago

Video Bar

The website Hawkeye Nation and several other sites host a bar at the bottom of the page using JMVC's Controller and Model layers combined with JSONP to create a sports video content and ad distribution source for sports fan websites.
Posted by Austin McDaniel about 4 years ago

FormBinder plugin

FormBinder is a form builder for JavaScriptMVC with automatic binding to a model. It is inspired by the SimpleForm library for Rails.
Posted by Mihael Konjević about 4 years ago

Noted.in - notes and task manager

Noted.in is a simple task manager that uses JavaScriptMVC best practices to provide beautiful and responsive GUI to it's users.
Posted by Mihael Konjević about 4 years ago

The Tech Behind the New GrooveShark

Grooveshark uses JavaScriptMVC and a host of other technologies to produce the best way of listening to music on the web.
Posted by JavaScriptMVC about 4 years ago

Model and Data Store with JavascriptMVC

This article covers the basics of the JavascriptMVC Model as well as working with remote JSON resources.
Posted by Thomas Reynolds about 4 years ago

JupiterJS articles on JavaScriptMVC plugins

Here is the list of JupiterJS articles about JavaScriptMVC plugins:
Posted by Mihael Konjević about 4 years ago

Contacts application

Contacts app is built to show advanced usage of parametrized controller binding, and as a demonstration of some of the available MXUI widgets. If you want a simple example you should check the todos app.
Posted by Mihael Konjević about 4 years ago

Todo Example Application

The todo application shows how easy it is to build rich functionality into JavaScriptMVC.
Posted by Mihael Konjević about 4 years ago

Srchr application

The Srchr app makes searches using multiple services and saves the searches between page loads. It is an example of application organization with JavaScriptMVC.
Posted by Mihael Konjević about 4 years ago

Mindjet Twitter Interaction

Jupiter Consulting teamed up with Mindjet to create a Flash / JavaScriptMVC twitter application.
Posted by JavaScriptMVC about 4 years ago