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Anyone Want To

Anyone Want To is a social activity network: the lovechild of Twitter and Meetup.com. Like Twitter, AWT is about stream-of-consciousness, instantly connecting people who have spontaneous ideas for activities with people looking for things to do in their area. JMVC gives AWT the flexibility to have fast, light transactions with consistent, maintainable code.
Posted by Dan Connor about 3 years ago

Steal Upgrade Script for JMVC 3.2

Upgrading your steals to JMVC 3.2 is both tedious and error prone. This upgrade script will do all the work for you. It's not some RegExp based hack either, it uses JSShaper, so it can tell what is an isn't a steal call and convert each different type of call as long as it is valid JavaScript.
Posted by Noah Sloan about 3 years ago


Frogtrade is an education software company based in the UK and supplies Web-based Virtual Learning Environments to the UK and International Markets. In January last year Frogtrade won a contract to supply the Malaysian Government with a brand new Learning Platform for 10,000 schools.
Posted by Damien McMahon about 3 years ago

Gift Announcement eCard Tool

eCardGiftNotice.com built it's third generation eCard creation tool using JavaScriptMVC. You can preview it by visiting this page.
Posted by Joseph Tate about 3 years ago

Norton's eCommerce Website

Norton's eStore is a global eCommerce website that serves millions of consumers word-wide and generates ~$2 billion in revenue yearly. It uses JMVC Controllers for the majority of its widgets and DocumentJS for documentation.
Posted by Curtis Cummings about 3 years ago

Snowhit - explore ski world in 3D

Snowhit is a unique website offering all services to skiers in one place. It contains 3D map, showing the location of lifts, ski runs, hotels etc. We are innovating how customers can find their holiday.
Posted by mrpohoda about 3 years ago

Dependency Injection for JMVC

JMVC Inject is like steal for your data and components. Injected functions don't have to mess with loading models, waiting for Deferreds to resolve or caching data. Dependency injection makes it easier to test your code and write controllers that focus on user interaction instead of doing a lot of data loading.
Posted by Noah Sloan about 3 years ago

Second Story uses JMVC

The Second Story website uses JMVC to implement its side-scrolling homepage and portfolio browser. Works great on iPad, too. View the full post for more examples of Second Story projects which use JMVC.
Posted by David Brewer about 3 years ago

Class relationship diagram plugin

This is something I had on my todo list for a very long time (list most things)... the first version was written in PHP, but naturally could only do static code analysis. The new version is a JavaScriptMVC plugin and works directly on $.Class namespaces. This example will output the relationships for all classes (models, controllers,...) in Myapp:
Posted by Michael Mayer over 3 years ago

Contacts Example App

Posted by JavaScriptMVC almost 4 years ago

The Tweeted Times

The Tweeted Times aggregates news in your Twitter stream and ranks them by popularity among your friends. You can create a newspaper for any topic of your interest. Check out the example of the TweetedTimes newspaper: http://tweetedtimes.com/#!/petecashmore
Posted by Alexander Boldakov almost 4 years ago

JavascriptMVC documentation for Kindle

I've been interested in JavascriptMVC for a while, but I am one of those who hate to read documentation on the computer screen. I prefer sitting down with a book, or my Kindle. Unfortunately the JMVC docs didn't work in the Kindle browser, and there was no pdf available. So then I decided to make one for myself.
Posted by Olav almost 4 years ago

Newbie blog

I will share my experiences as a newbie, creating a very simple JavascriptMVC application from scratch, and then add functionality and make some refactoring. It is my hope that both experienced and newbies will follow this blog, and give feedback.
Posted by Trygve Botnen almost 4 years ago

Net-a-Porter Live

Net-a-Porter Live tracks live customer activity on the fashion retail site Net-a-Porter. The application then plots the activity on a map and offers the user opportunities to buy/share products as they appear in the feed.
Posted by Ben Gannaway almost 4 years ago

Computer History Museum

The computer history museum uses JavaScriptMVC to display an interactive timeline of the advancement of computers.
Posted by JavaScriptMVC almost 4 years ago